• Headache can literally be a 'pain in the neck'. The head is affected by surrounding structures and by our environmental conditions. Headaches are usually described as a constant, dull ache in the head, and can feel like a tight band around the head. It can be felt at the base of the skull or can refer to the sides and front of the head. Causes of headaches from a Physiotherapy perspective include:

    • Poor posture
    • Reduced neck movement
    • Whiplash
    • Abnormal jaw movement

    Physiotherapy for headaches includes assessment and treatment of the structures involved, whether they are joint, muscle or neural. Manual therapy and an exercise program will be part of the treatment program. If required your Physiotherapist at Advanced Physio West can refer you for Radiological investigations or a Specialist appointment. If you would like an appointment with a Physiotherapist to help with your Headaches, please click here.