• Biomechanics examines how external and internal forces affect the way our body moves. The forces going through our joints should be distributed in a even manner and when one structure is overloaded, tissue damage and pain can occur. The reasons for poor biomechanical form can include:

    • Poor foot position
    • Wearing inappropriate footwear
    • Poor pelvic mechanics and stability

    At Advanced Physio West, we will assess your biomechanics and efficiency of movement. As correct biomechanics plays a role in having a pain-free life, faulty biomechanics, significantly increases the risk of injury, particularly while your exercise. Running injuries are some of the most common seen by Physiotherapists, and we have years of experience of working with Runners, so you will receive excellent care.

    Your Physiotherapist at Advanced Physio West can advise you on Orthotics and provide you with a customised pair, if required. If you would like an appointment with a Physiotherapist to help with Orthotic Prescription, please click here.